Clean Factory Rolex Daytona 116519 Cement Grey True and False Comparison

Daytona 116519 Clean Factory 1:1 Best Edition Grey Dial on Oysterflex Rubber Strap SA4130 – CTime

1  Purchase two original molds, one of which has been disassembled. 2  commissioned the factory to independently develop a unique quality tape product for CLEAN.

3  The buckle is still an AR OEM tape buckle, quality assurance.

4  Literally for vacuum PVD plating, thickness is only 4um, reject 200um oil injection process is unstable and covers the bottom of the sun pattern, it is very cheap.

5 The bottom surface of the case is engraved with the head of a St. Bernard dog and other precious metals. The details are also extreme. / The dog’s head still needs work, and there is a tuft of fur that is currently unmanageable.

6 Table box/loading position, the way to use coding sculpture, closer to the original




Case shape appearance contrast

Watchcase lateral radian, head, timing button, watch case bottom boxer, as well as a watch case and head assembly, fully carried out by the original one-to-one copy, can not say absolutely, but the basic is more than 90%, to make a comparison, this is enough to show that c factory di tong and accessories for the heart, and dare to face their shortcomings. Try to be as consistent as possible with the radian of the humble position in the bottom left picture. There are not many kinds of products in Factory C, but all the products are purchased for disassembly, frying, and cross-checking for production. Can not say the heart of craftsmen, can only say, since do, we must do the best.

So things in Clean Factory are always the slowest.

The literal contrast is detailed

Through the above photo, it’s not hard to see c factory darker relatively few, and the sun before lines not so delicate lines of green ghosts, and log all sorts of colors, have tried to succeed, but the gray is the half a year many development problems, try a variety of methods, the color of the green idea and sun lines have been overcome, but the gray is no way, I am not complaining, but compared with the products developed before, this can only be considered above the pass level. But I have also compared various versions on the market, and can only say that it is slightly better than the current version on the market. I will redouble my efforts to improve in the future. In the face of problems will still solve the problem, of course, since we dare to take such a comparison, we are prepared for the worst psychological preparation. I hope you can understand. But we refuse to mix colors or fake, even fake comparison pictures, which is ridiculous. Also promise here, for the cement ash dial has any update, will be free for the table friends to replace the latest version of the dial. After all, it is one percent of the price. Thank you for your understanding.

Part of his head

Head, ceramic circle, Head grain, intragastric contrast

Head and timing button, crown lead head close, timing button exposed two turns of thread is consistent

Ceramic ring part

The ceramic circle is SELECTED FROM SEVERAL ANGLES FOR comparison, the white gold color filling, and the font size. Even the rounded corners of the ceramic circle font and the edge font are done perfectly.

First grain of part

The radian of the head and the cohesion after installation is almost a perfect fit. The first grain is made separately, and the cost of this part is much more than that of the ordinary steel shell style. Ps: That’s part of the reason the tape model is more expensive than the regular steel model.

In the shadow part

The inner shadow part of the word shape is relatively close to each case, there will be some differences in the inner shadow, we are also according to the different original copy, comparison.

The real “lettering” on the side of the case

From the tape to take the beginning, try CNC engraving on the side of the case, the original is the engraving process, this part we tried many times, finally breakthrough this problem, the follow-up will also be applied to other styles, do not underestimate the engraving part, the cost is one aspect, after engraving, the case yield will also be reduced. But in terms of aesthetics, it’s much closer to the original. No effort is spared to this end. I hope I can make continuous progress in various details and keep pace with The Times.

Case bottom precious metal engraved contrast

Precious metal printing is particularly easy to ignore a detail, the bottom of case 4 precious metal printing, magnification dozens of times for comparison. In the bottom right corner of the St. Bernard dog head is that there are obvious differences, the follow-up will strive for, and improve, Clean Factory in the future of each style will be compared in this way, I hope to table friends responsible for the attitude to do a good job of each product. Not afraid of doubt, only in the voice of doubt can make the product more perfect, absorb the suggestions and opinions of guests.

Part of the original has a yellowish hue because the original is made of 750 platinum. So the real thing will not have fine steel material processed out so silver. This is a material problem, including the weight will be different, normal naked-eye observation is not easy to distinguish, so many people are not willing to buy platinum watches is too like steel watches.

Clasp part

Watch the buckle part comparison, and follow the AR buckle, appearance, and lettering to maintain the highest level. Opening and closing feel excellent. Round-corner grinding is standard. Precious metals are engraved to the highest possible quality.

Break through the traditional watch band feel and details to reach another height Size description (same length as the original)

D = 50mm

E = 60mm

F = 70mm

The size can be according to the correct parameters

Crisis Companion Reference (Daytona)

Choose the appropriate size.

D+D combination: wrist circumference less than 15cm

D+E combination: wrist circumference below 16cm

D+F combination: wrist circumference 16-17.2cm

E+F combination: 17.3-18.2cm wrist circumference F+F combination: 18.2-19.2cm wrist circumference

number numbers

Clean Factory brand new memory steel sheet + chloro rubber strap

Grammar recording

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