How to Order WEBSITE CART?

How do I order a shopping cart for the website?

Before you can shop on the website, you will need to register for an account.

Select the products you wish to purchase and click Add to Cart.

View your shopping cart (buy more if you want to add more products) and checkout.

You will find your shopping cart symbol in the top right hand corner of the page.

Fill in your address (skip this step if your address is the same as the one registered in your Ctime account) or you can have it shipped to another address if desired.

Fill in the voucher code if you have one (if you don’t have one, leave it blank).

If there are special requirements please make a note when making payment.

Complete payment

Parts and custom orders

If you need to purchase parts or customised products that are not shown on the website

Step 1: Contact customer service to find out if we have access to these products and their prices.

Step 2: Add the custom order link to your shopping cart and fill in the custom amount.

Complete payment

Order directly from us: select the product on the website and notify us by email, WeChat message, WhatsApp, etc… Notify us by email, bank transfer, wise, etc… Send us your full shipping address.

Complete the payment and let us know.

We will start completing the custom order

Your email or other contact information will be replied to promptly.

Order Processing Process

Order Processing Process


Once the payment is completed, the customer will receive an order confirmation notification from Ctime, which will take up to 1 to 2 business days to verify the customer’s payment.

Once payment is verified, Ctime will process the order as soon as possible and the customer will receive a notification from Ctime that the order has been processed in order of when the order was paid for.

Ctime guarantees that each watch will undergo a rigorous quality inspection before it is shipped. Ctime will carefully check the functionality of the watch movement and the appearance of the watch parts to ensure that the product is of high quality and free from defects. During the inspection phase, Ctime will provide you with all the images and videos of the inspection to ensure your shopping experience.

Upon completion of the inspection, Ctime will send all images and test results to the customer and will dispatch the product as soon as the customer has confirmed the product.

Due to the unique nature of cross-border shipping and products, it usually takes 10-15 working days for the products to arrive, and in the case of customs control, it may take longer. Please note that it usually takes 1 to 2 working days for the parcel tracking number to appear in the logistics system, so please be patient.

If you have any questions about the logistics status during the logistics process, please contact

Track Your Order

We will provide tracking numbers for every order that our customers purchase from us.

You can use the shipping company’s official website or tracker website like https://www. HYPERLINK “”17 HYPERLINK “” to trace your order.

If there is some unusual status of your order on the tracking system, please contact us for more information and details.