Payment method


We accept the following payment methods(all listed on our website), please confirm the payment account before transferring and provide fund tracking or screenshot after finishing it.


  • PayPal: Family and Friend(5% off)

We will offer PayPal as a payment method, subject to some rules:

Funds arrive instantly, please use this method if you want to place a deposit. If the friend and family payment is not available in your district, you can also use goods and services to send the funds. That way you will need to provide the membership and activity of relevant forum and pay for the transfer charge.

Please don’t mention any brand or watch model in the PayPal note.


  • Crypto: USDT(5% off)

Funds arrive instantly, cannot be refunded directly. Please make sure that the network need to be the same as the one we provide.


  • Online Money Sender: Wise(5% off)

An easy and fast way for you to accomplish the payment, the only thing you need is to register an account on their websites and then follow the guidance to accomplish the payment and it will only take minutes to do it. Here is their official website: TransferWise: Please note that sometimes it takes a few minutes for your funds to arrive, but it could take longer for like a few days, it depends on the banks, please understand we can not control it.


  • Bank transfer

If the above is unavailable for you, you can still make bank transfer to us. But the regular discount doesn’t apply for this method, you also need to pay for the transfer charge.

We take 5 currencies by bank transfer— USD, EUR, HKD, AUD and GBP.


  • Western Union (5% discount)

This method has transfer limit, it’s not available all the time, please confirm with us before sending. In some countries/districts, you can use a debit or credit card to transfer money directly on the Western Union website, otherwise you need to go to a local Western Union agent to transfer the money in person.

Please note that we can only take USD and EUR from Western Union.


Ctime will be at your service as soon as possible.


Best regards