Warranty Terms and Conditions

We offer a 12-months warranty for each of our watches. The warranty period is 12 months from QC approval to date.

Warranty is only applicable for NORMAL USAGE MOVEMENT. We do not cover a broken movement caused by accident or personal actions, such as: Trying to open the watch by yourself and fix it or dropping the watch on a solid floor.

Any repair or modification you undertake yourself or is done by a 3rd party watch-smith/modder will invalidate your warranty with us, and any repairs you wish us to undertake will be a paid repair, including shipping both ways and the risk of the custom in shipping to us and us shipping it back to you.

We CAN NOT hold you responsible for water damage as there is no way of knowing whether you submerged your watch deeper than what was recommended by us in the product description.

We do not guarantee physically broken caused by accident or personal actions.

We keep all invoices with the date stated, therefore, we know your warranty period easily.

Product Replacement

We will replace your order with the same unit (or a different unit based on our discussion) under the conditions below:

You received the wrong watch from what you ordered (model, brand, type, or color).

Your received watch is different from the product description on our website.

Your package gets seized by customs by our suggested shipping method.

Important Notes

Please make sure that you read carefully about product details and descriptions before you decide to buy.

We make sure that all products we sell are passed our quality control process.

We always send well-worked products to our customers.

QC pictures and videos will always be sent to all our customers before we arrange shipment.

How do you guarantee the BEST and SAFEST shipping methods? 

This is a highly frequently asked question.  Here are some points on how we handle the best shipping method below:

We already know from our past experiences which way is the best. We know to which countries we can do direct shipment with EMS, DHL, etc, and we know to which countries we need to do triangular shipment like via the UK.

We work with well-experienced shipping agents in China. They handle millions of packages to deliver to different countries, they know the current security situation in some particular countries, and they update us on how to deal with that.

What if the package faces customs PROBLEMS or even gets SEIZED?

We cannot control the customs regulation in every country as a business. We know by experience but they will do random checks sometimes, especially on suspicious packages that come from suspicious countries like China. We can say the probability is about 1-3%, which means out of 30 packages randomly we deliver, only 1 may face customs issues. Customs issue doesn’t mean necessarily getting seized, some different problems usually happen:

The details are not complete or not clear. For example, the sender details or receiver details. They usually contacted each of both parties to clarify. In this case, we will help you to solve this issue. They usually let the package pass after all or return it to the sender.

The package declaration or value is suspicious to them and doesn’t make sense to them. Because we do undervalue and they usually require you to provide additional proofs, such as invoice and payment proofs that match the value declared on the package. In this case, we will help you to provide “fake” invoices and payment proofs to solve this issue. They will release it after all.

Broken Packaging. They usually return the package to the sender in this case. In this case, we will re-deliver the package to your address.

Seized. The package has been seized due to the brand’s fakery rules or replica rules in the country. In this case, we will arrange a replacement to send again to your address or refund you as per our discussion.

Please note that we are not responsible for any customs tax or import fees. Tax charging happens in some countries sometimes.

Water Resistance

This is very important work for us. We will make sure that all of our products are waterproof. There are some replica factories around the market, with different water resistance abilities. Please check the product description to make sure of the water resistance ability of your desired product.

 Please note:

We cannot be held responsible for water damage as there is no way of knowing whether you submerged your watch deeper than what was recommended by us in the product description.

Quality Control Guarantee  

We will test every watch with the most advanced swiss standard watch testing machines to make sure that the movement of every watch is in a good condition before we send it to our customers.

We will provide you with the QC testing pictures for each watch you ordered from us.