General Situation 

  Some so many customers are very new to this replica game and they may need basic guidance to make a decision on which piece they need to buy. Here is some basic knowledge I want to share with new customers:

Watch Grade?

  We only sell THE HIGHEST GRADE replicas in this industry, people usually call them Swiss Clone, Super Clone 1:1, Clone replica, and Swiss ETA copy. Whatever the name is, these watches are factory-made, not handmade or a custom build replicas, and we are not selling low grades replicas.

Swiss Movement?

  There are only very rare replicas built with genuine swiss ETA movement. If someone tells you so, means you have been fooled and just walk away. Most of the best replicas in the market are with ASIAN MOVEMENT as a clone of SWISS MOVEMENT. The price will always tell you something.

Asian Movement?

  Asian movement is a clone of the swiss movement or genuine in-house movement like ETA 2824, 2836, 7750, SA.3135,3235,4130,etc. They are very reliable compared to genuine, however, they are not tested formally, they don’t have COSC certificates like genuine, and some pieces will have technical errors or inaccuracy. This is our job to do better quality control before delivery.

Movement Noise?

  The character of replica movement creates more noise compare to genuine movement by default. This fact is very normal when we try our logical sense to compare the price between replica and genuine. Especially on complex features of watches, the sound will be slightly noisier compared to simple analog watches. It also depends on how good the factory making the replication.

Flawless Replica?

  The replica is still a replica, even the best replica with a high price, is still a replica. Price will always tell you something to make sense. Do not expect a $500 piece will be the same perfection as $5,000 or $50,000 genuine pieces. There must be some flaws even those are very small minor flaws.

Water Resistance?

  Almost all of our watches are waterproofed, but the water resistance level varies from model to model. We will advise you that our replicas are safe for Daily Use or Swimming. Some people try to wear some models for deep diving below 20m, but we will not recommend this to do at all.

Best Replica Models?

  We can’t say what is the best replica model we have on our website. Every brands and model have its flagship replica which considers the best build. As we mention above point, every factory has its specialty for making good replication on some particular brands and models.

Compare to Genuine?

One thing please keep in your mind: THE MORE COMPLEX THE FEATURES OF THE WATCH ON GENUINE, THE MORE FLAWS ON REPLICA. There are some features on watches:

Normal analog features: seconds, minutes, hours.

Light advanced features: date, day.

Medium advanced features: Chronograph, GMT, dual time.

Heavy advanced features: Moon phase, annual calendar.

Advanced physical build: Skeleton case/dial, tourbillon. Some people love the complex looks of the watch such as the chronograph, moon phase, etc. In this case, you must accept some flaws in a replica with such complex features. The flaws could be very minor, or some of them are spotted. To make clear guidelines for our customers, we sometimes create a blog section in which content comparison between replicas vs genuine.

Gold Watch?

There are 2 major different gold application techniques on replica:

Normal Platting: Most replicas are with this method of making gold watches to make reasonable prices. Those are stainless steel but platted with thin gold (approximately 10 microns thick).

Gold Wrapped: Some factories are making this technique to make better gold. They are wrapping the steel with thicker real gold (approximately 30 microns thick). The price will be significantly higher for these kinds of gold replicas.

There is no replica with full solid gold unless you modify it. The gold color will be long-lasting, but if you have a deep dent in your gold replica, the steel inside will be spotted.

Package Seized by Customs?

As a solution, we give you a 100% guarantee to replace your order when it’s facing customs seizing or refund you based on our discussion. You can find more info in our Customs Issue section.

Processing Time?

Why do we need 3 – 5 days or more days sometimes?

We will need time for factory fulfillment. Most of the factories give us fast fulfillment order based, but some factories are very slow releasing, due to the fact the watches are not mainly mass produced.

We will need time to do Quality Control. We must make sure that everything is in perfect condition, from physical and movement perspectives.

We will need time to do handling, pack, and submit your package to the shipping agent.

That is why we try to do an approximate safe level for us to handle your orders until delivery. A maximum of 5 business days is the safest period for us to promise you.