Clean Factory 116713 Greenwich GMT inter-gold

GMT-Master II 116713 LN SS/YG Black Ceramic 904L Steel Clean Factory Best Edition VR3186 CHS – CTime

Comparison of the font details of the ceramic circle, the triangle part at noon, the top corner, the bottom corner part, and the sharp corner position

All rounded corners. Consistent with the original.

  For the font part, the depth is only one aspect. The original craftsmanship is that the bottom of the font is 90 degrees vertical to the font

The straight body of the body, to achieve this effect, can only be molded in one piece, and laser typing will have a beveled edge, to

And a series of problems such as rough shading and edge collapse.

The font depth is the same as the original one, sinking 0.13mm. In addition, the edges of the font are rounded and polished.

The electroplating color has also been digitally adjusted. Most of the colors on the market are pure gold, and the real ones have a slight tinge.

some red. In terms of perception, it will be much more comfortable

The appearance of the case is all made of a 904L case body, which perfectly restores the entire shell shape of GMT, and corrects the feel of GMT turning circle. crown

The head part is also displayed an embossed crown effect. It adopts the same 3186 movements as the original version.

  The bottom cover part is also the same as the original version, polished, brushed, and the bottom of the case is brushed. The degree of fit between the bottom cover and the case

degree is almost identical. The gap between the crown and the case can be compared by itself. For the inner shadow part, all letters of the whole series are corrected

“R” tail, slightly raised. If you want to nitpick, it is the inner shadow part, the shading is not as fine as in the original

Tired, limited by domestic laser technology and equipment.

This time Clean Factory launched the gold version of gmt116713, the details will be

slightly different. However, in the comparison process, the comparison will be made in

the form of graphics and texts, and the important points will not be avoided, although

the details will be different from the original product. Because of different versions, the

calendar font will be different, except for cleaning factory ceramics The bezel is well

made, and the typography on the dial and calendar is top priority. because of the

number of pages The limitations are not described one by one.

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