GMT-Master II 126711 CHNR Black/Brown Ceramic

GMT-Master II 126711 CHNR Black/Brown Ceramic Clean Factory Best Edition on SS/RG Bracelet VR3186 – CTime


Introduction to the Characteristics of SARS/Dark Brown Circle

This time the stars circle is black/brown corresponding splicing, following the processing technology of the Coke/Inter Milan circle, where the two colors intersect, they are perfectly blended,

The visual effect seems to be spelled but not spelled. The black part, without a doubt, is zero chromatic aberration. In this brown color palette, it can be said that

More than 95% similarity / 95% level in all angles. Follow-up with detailed color comparison. This time the circle is for the solo

Independent development is different from any version on the market.

Brief introduction of strap part process

The strap part continues to use three-stage splicing + PVD 18k rose gold electroplating in the furnace. The body part of the watch strap is electroplated one by one,

The process is complicated and the processing difficulty is high. The sides are stainless steel. Anyone who has paid attention to Clean Factory knows that the same process was produced two years ago

Jian Jinshuigui, because the technical requirements are too high, once wanted to give up this three-stage splicing method, which led to Clean Factory

The 40 Golden Submariner has been out of stock for as long as a year.

The dial/hand/glass/case will not be repeated one by one. The original one is molded one by one to maintain the craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

Clean Factory has always been adhering to the principle of no original packaging, no development, no compliance, and no shipment. It has never been in a certain style,

Eager for quick success and a quick profit, I hope to be able to be both a teacher and a friend while my cousin is playing with watches.

If there is, change it, if not, encourage it.

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