Gen VS Clean champagne dial Daytona 116515/116505 releasing

Hi my friends
I ‘m back with some fresh new Daytona again!

Clean is bringing in the new champagne dial Daytona (aka Victoria Beckham Daytona). This dal is very special. It is almost silver under bright light, but slightly pink in normal to dark environment. Clean did a very good job in the color correcting this time. The color variation is very close to the gen Daytona. But the image also shows a difference in the radiate texture of the dial. But overall, clean products are trustworthy.

The case part has been shown many times before. There’s nothing wrong with the details.

We found a small problem on the dial though, the markers and the case are not the same color. We made a conclusion with clean that the gen champagne dial also has yellow gold markers, not rose gold.

Other than that, the end link pin also has a problem. All the rubber strap and gold bracelet models have yellow gold end link pins, including the GMT, Submariner and so on. Probably Rolex wants to cut the costs.