Compare Rolex Yacht Master 126621 SSRG GEN VS Clean Factory

Yacht-Master 126621 SS/RG Clean Factory 904L Steel Brown Dial on SS/RG Bracelet VR3235 – CTime


This shipment is

rose gold coffee tray

Rose gold black plate

ps The black plate is the same as the 126655 40 full rose gold black plate released before. The real and fake comparison has been taken before, so this time I will not do the real and fake comparison. This time, it mainly focuses on the real and fake comparison of the rose gold coffee tray.

  1. Left/Right GEN=genuine product clean=clean factory product

  1. Because the brown surface is in a softbox, the color difference is a bit large, but under natural light, the similarity is as high as

More than 95%, the back will emit natural light contrast.

  1. The brown side on the right side, compared with the real one, factory c is slightly lighter in brown color. Of course, the characteristic of the radial disc surface is that the color is different under different light. To be precise, the RGB color value is based on a benchmark On the whole, there will not be too much

big deviation. Because Clean Factory is on the entire radial pattern dial, such as the water ghost dial, various log dials, and this yacht dial,

When it comes to color radiation patterns, the PVD electroplating process consistent with the genuine product is adopted. The advantage is that the color of the shipment will not

Because the batches are different, there is a difference in tone. In addition, the coating is thin, and the sun pattern on the bottom can be seen.

But it is costly.

  1. This time the bezel is made of electroplated PVD rose gold + anti-fingerprint coating, and the material of the bezel is changed from ordinary brass to fine steel, which is also

The hardness of steel is higher than that of ordinary copper. It is also in terms of processing and cost.