Compare Rolex Daytona Gold 116518 Gen vs Clean Watch Review

Daytona 116518 Clean Factory YG 1:1 Best Edition YG Dial on Oysterflex Rubber Strap SA4130 – CTime



The most popular gold Shawn Yue tape Daytona this time 116518 Features

1: The digital scale process of this platinum panda is extremely complicated, so the cost is very high Highest

2: The word nails are fully upgraded, the plane position is made flat enough, and the side positions retain rounded corners, which are completely in line with the original ones.

3: Glass problem, the original glass is not highly transparent, because it is flat glass, and it is very easy to stick fingerprints. So the glass is too transparent but it looks fake. It may be upgraded to high-transparency glass in the future. After all, customers like it. This may be the last stubbornness.

4: Because the case is a precious metal model, there are 750/St. Bernard’s dog head engravings on the four corners of the bottom surface. This part is also riveting enough to restore it this time. There is also a detailed comparison chart below. The only thing missing is a tuft of dog hair on St. Bernard’s head, which is not currently available. This is also a shortcoming.

5: The two sides of the case are individually made head grains. Compared with the ordinary 116500 steel shell style, this place is undoubtedly the place where the cost is increased the most. It is completely disassembled and made one-to-one. Perfect interchange.

6: Tape part Use C factory tape. Not a gimmick. There is also a detailed comparison chart below.

7: The tape buckle part still uses the AR buckle. The opening and closing feel and details are consistent with the steel belt. C factory is surprisingly slow in making things, but we are doing every accessory with our heart, and we will not follow the official coloring book to follow the gourd. Including this time, only cement gray is planned. Because every color matching will be attached with a true and false comparison chart to show the caution of the Daytona style. I hope everyone can wait patiently. Because the following styles are all high-quality goods. Including the unit price will be higher than the peers, the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. I hope that all watch friends can buy the most favorite watch when choosing products, even if it is not produced by factory C