Compare Rolex Daytona 116515 RG Brown Number Dial Gen vs Clean

Daytona 116515 RG Clean Factory 1:1 Best Edition Brown Number Dial on Oysterflex Rubber Strap SA4130 – CTime

Hello menbers!

Today we have our lovely Daytona GEN and Clean RG chocolate number mark dial to compare.

This chocolate color is a special one in RG Daytona, because it isn’t a full luminous model, but also a relatively popular one. In this post, we will check the plating color, dial and other details.

Clean made RG/YG models are all specially matching to the GEN.

The black numbers have rounded corners, but some numbers are not as round as the real ones. It’s hard to see without zooming in though.

There is a small color difference on the chocolate dial, but it’s in a good control.

The case shape, clasps are as good as other precious metal Daytonas.

Clean will produce more color in the future. According to them, most of their accessories have purchased gen or gen dials for reference. We will get there one by one.