Compare Rolex Daytona 116515 RG Black Ceramic Bezel Brown Stick Dial Gen vs Clean

Daytona 116515 RG Clean Factory 1:1 Best Edition Black Ceramic Bezel Brown Stick Dial on Oysterflex Rubber Strap A4130 – CTime

Hi buddies!
It’s me again.

I should put these two chocolate dial Daytonas in one post but I finally separated them. It takes longer than I thought 🥲


This genuine Rolex chocolate dial was released on April 2019. It is next version of the 116515-0011 number marker Chocolate dial. But I still prefer number marker ones.

Relatively speaking, the color of this dial is better than that of 0011, probably because the radial texture of this dial is not that obvious, so there is not much color difference.
If there are more radial patterns, it will cause more color changing effect under different angles of light. So oviously, this 0013 is more perfect.

Because Clean only provided a gen rose gold watch and multiple gen dial + hands. So in the pictures, it is the same case with different dials and hands. Please please understand us, the shooting job is really hard and expensive.

Let’s have a look then