Compare Daytona 116500 GEN vs CLEAN vs BTF Review

Daytona 116500 Clean Factory 1:1 Best Edition 904L SS Case and Bracelet Black Dial SA4130 – CTime




The letters are identical.

CF: whiter, a bit brighter, and clear textured which is closer to the gen

BT: bit more gray, the texture is not as good as CF

They both have a problem: chamfering the edges of the bezel more or less which is different from the gen. But it feels better this way and won’t cut yourself at least.



Gen: Everything looks so crisp

CF: the white is closer to the gen and the lettering is as crisp as gen

BT: The color isn’t as white as CF and gen, and the lettering is a bit rough on the outlines


Color: Clean is silver gray which is more close to gen,

BT: more silver and much more shiny comparing to gen

The circle texture on subdial

Gen & CF: 10 circles; BT: 9 circles

Rolex crown on dial

Gen: looks flat from front side, polished

CF: shaped correctly, but barely polished

BT: little difference on shaping, slightly polished

Time marker

Luminous filler: CF has correct color; BT is more gray

Shape: BT is shorter and more round


Luminous filler

CF: the edges are clean, same quality as markers

BT: it looks more gray and botchy


They both look similar to the gen and don’t have enough polishing

The center pin from BT looks not well made

Crown on 3 o’clock

Only BT has a small gap to the case

Inner bezel

CF: almost the same

BT: engraving on the inner bezel is more rough

Case shape

Look aside, gen and CF is both more round, BT is more sharp

Bracelet buckle

We could feel a little resistance from BT


CF: more like gen

BT: a little bit different from gen and different lettering in each version


BT: added a coating film to look more transparent

CF: sticking to the gen which don’t have this coating film


This thread is based on the photography provided and objectively observed. As a TD, it’s my duty and responsibility to tell my customers what they would get eventually. I should never avoid telling people any flaws, because the rep will never gonna be the same as gen. I hope everyone will be just satisfied with the final result from each factory, they had done their best. Our team will make more comparison threads and videos in the future, you will know we are really ready to serve everyone as a professional TD.