Clean Factory launched Yacht-Master 40mm 126655 rose gold

Yacht-Master 126655 Clean Factory 1:1 Best Edition Black Ceramic Bezel on Oysterflex Strap VR3235 – CTime

 Left/Right GEN=genuine product clean=clean factory product

The colors presented under different light are different. To be precise, if the RGB color values ​​are on the same benchmark, there will not be too much difference overall.
big deviation. Because factory C is on the entire radial pattern dial, such as the water ghost dial, various log dials, and this yacht dial,
When it comes to color radiation patterns, the PVD electroplating process consistent with the genuine product is adopted. The advantage is that the color of the shipment will not
Because the batches are different, there is a difference in tone. In addition, the coating is thin, and the sun pattern on the bottom can be seen.
But it is costly.

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