CLEAN factory 40mm Submariner116613 golden black full line v5 version

Submariner 116613 LN Black Ceramic Clean Factory 1:1 Best Edition 904L SS Case and Bracelet VS3135 – CTime

upgrade point

  1. Replace the Dandong 3135 movement across the board, the movement is polished and upgraded, and the movement structure is closer to the original

  2. The handle of the outer ring is no longer astringent

  3. Glass white edge correction

  4. The calendar font is corrected to eliminate burrs and inkjet signs in the background color of the calendar

  5. The chamfering of the strap is more rounded

  6. The opening and closing strength of the buckle/thousand frames can reach the spot of an “electric suction door”, which is as smooth as silk

The green circle of the latest version of the real clean v4, killing the original green circle of the v3 version

Exclusive clean version with blue circle/same blue-purple color as the original

Hand-polished three-dimensional pointer / no need to replace the substitute pointer.

Black-green/steel-colored Submariner, using the AR steel belt.

Clean inter-gold steel belt/AR steel belt (exclusive three-section joint grain + side leak-proof steel)

Clean Top Alternative Green Dial

clean self-developed blue dial

All 904L material (true 18k vacuum plating, free replacement for decolorization)

There are five styles in this release

116610 (black/green) pure steel shell water ghost

114060 (black) no calendar water ghost

116613 (black/blue) Gold Submariner

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