Clean factory 116508 Green Gold Dayton

Daytona 116508 Clean Factory Best Edition 904L Steel Green Dial on YG Bracelet SA4130 – CTime


  1. The most popular green gold Daytona launched this time is the gold Daytona. The comparison between true and false will be shown in detail below.

  2. The biggest feature this time is this golden-green dial, developed for nearly two years and constantly turning back and forth.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the only green color on the market. But the productivity is very


  1. The dial part also uses 3-stage splicing joints, and all parts are electroplated.

  2. The font thickness of the bezel part, and most importantly, the black oil filling is the same as the original one, matte

sense. This is also the only one that has done it, and the detailed pictures will be compared.

For more details, please see the true and false comparison chart carefully.

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