Compare Rolex Submariner 126610 LV Green Ceramic Kermit Gen vs Clean vs VSF .mp4

Submariner 41mm 126610 LV Green Ceramic 904L Steel Clean Factory Best Edition S3235 – CTime

Submariner 41mm 126610 LV Kermit 904L Steel VSF 1:1 Best Edition VS3235 – CTime


1: Equipped with a one-to-one 3235 integrated movement, no card movement decoration movement, and its stability

2: The whole table is 904L fine steel/matched with ar factory steel belt

3: The dial uses the market’s exclusive “pot lid literal” design without face feet ps: the cost of face feet is much lower

4: The only one-day calendar font comparison version in the whole market, follow-up No. 1-31, draw a font comparison between true and false

5: The only way to achieve pointer luminous/word nail luminously is to achieve the same color because they are all processed by a third-party factory + self-purchased Swiss c1+c3 luminous powder

6: Word nail IP platinum plating

7: The ceramic green circle uses the exclusive clean green circle v4 version, the color is infinitely close to the original clean ceramic accessories, no need to repeat the high-quality image / beware of counterfeit clean circles

8: Warm and moist as jade luminous beads immortal white clean ceramic circle + luminous beads perfect engraving

Although there are not many clean models, almost all of them are high-quality products, completely solving most of the above submariner’s pain points, and a clean submariner is only born for the extreme.